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Bereavement Counselling


When we have lost a loved person, or a treasured pet, we lose a physical place to direct the emotions that we attached to them.  We are also frustrated by this loss, releasing pain as we search for different ways of readjusting to our new lives without them.


Bereavement counselling is a service I provide that can allow you to think about all the feelings that they held for you and what they meant in your life:  Have you lost a love, a carer, a source of strength, an inspiration or even the best place for your negative feelings? Are you angry, afraid or just sad that you will never see them again?  Has their loss changed the way your family dynamic and how are you coping with that change?


Talking about these feelings is a way of clarifying exactly what your loved one gave or took away from you, and why you may be reacting in the way that you are, now that they are gone.  Although grief is a natural process that is part of everybody's life, you may feel that you need help adjusting to your changed circumstances.  We can work together to find your own way of feeling more at ease with the prospect of living without this important figure.

To get in touch, please use the details below, or via the Contact page.  

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Chris Matcham Counselling

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