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Counselling for Anxiety


Anxiety has an evolutionary purpose: to warn us that we may need to act to seek protection from something harmful.  However, being human, we can imagine ourselves into any situation and “predict” catastrophic scenarios which increase our stress levels, even if they may never happen or might be more easily resolved than we believe. 


So what happens when we feel there is nothing we can do to avoid the cause of this fear?  We might ignore or deny it, or we might constantly worry that “something bad” might happen at any time.  If nothing changes, we can feel a lack of meaning, as we might believe there is no way out or no longer any point in trying; an understandable cause of low mood or depression.


However, counselling can help us identify the potential origins of these feelings, which might be triggered by such things as life changes, work stress or relationship problems in the present.  Maladaptive ways of reacting to stress, learnt in childhood and repeated throughout our lives, can be identified and challenged in order to find new ways of thinking. 


Opening ourselves up to new perspectives can allow us more freedom and a greater sense of control over the difficulties in our lives.  Anxiety is part of human life, but seeking help can show us that we can reduce the suffering it causes.


To get in touch, please use the details below, or via the Contact page.  

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Chris Matcham Counselling

Counsellor & Psychotherapist
 Cheltenham GL52 - Face-to-Face & Online
07375 814194

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