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Chronic Illness and Disability


The monotony of the near-constant symptom management of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and other long-term conditions can sometimes be worse than the symptoms themselves.  As the world keeps turning and other people get on with living their lives and finding new experiences, it can feel as if the condition is taking away the chance that you once had to do the things that you wanted to do.


The loss of that once-future self is an important thing to acknowledge in the treatment of chronic illness and in the way it can impact our mental health.   There can be a grief over the things that we had always planned to do, but now seem very far away or much more difficult to achieve, due to the necessary daily routines or deteriorating physical capacity that are a part of the management of chronic conditions.


As we try and accept that our bodies may always be limited, there are ways of implementing our agency into avenues which allow us to feel contentment, despite the rigours, anxieties and pain that are part of living with a chronic illness.  In speaking to someone, you can talk about how it feels for you and explore these avenues without any expectation being placed on you:  Your condition is as unique as you are and we can try to find a way for you to feel at peace with your body and your life.

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