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Counselling for Depression


Low moods affect all of us from time to time, but depression which limits our lives and causes us to cease functioning in a way which allows us to be as we want to be, is something that may even be difficult to be aware of. 


Unless there is a noticeable shift in our mood or possibly a defined cause, such as a bereavement, the loss of a job or the inability of attaining a defined ambition or target, a chronic low mood can be or become our “normal”:  We can place value judgements on ourselves and our behaviour, limiting our ability to believe in our own abilities and causing us to stop doing things which may benefit us.  If we believe that we are worthless, then we can believe that any action that may help us has no meaning, leaving us incapable of performing many or any tasks which allow us to live a productive and satisfying life.


Symptoms of depression include difficulty sleeping (possibly when we need to sleep) or sleeping too much (when we might need to be active), eating too much or too little, loss of libido and other behaviours which run contrary to what we want or need for ourselves:  Our self-valuing system has been flipped on its’ head and our body reacts in that way.


Speaking to another person who is able to challenge these thoughts and behaviours is the first step to being able to notice the things in yourself which are stopping you from living as you want to live.  The ability to begin reinforcing behaviours which show yourself that you are capable of making a positive difference to yourself and others is the goal which counselling for depression seeks to achieve.  


The process can take time and may not be pleasant, as we begin to confront the things about ourselves that we don’t like or want and try to separate them from those things that have value for us and recognise the things we can do that are valuable to us.


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Chris Matcham Counselling

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