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Online Counselling

For those who may require it, I provide the option of counselling over the internet, via Zoom. 

 Counselling over the internet can be a useful commodity for those who find it difficult to travel or who have difficulties in being in one particular place at the same time every week. 


Those who have difficulties leaving their own home because of physical or mental illness may find it easier to talk to someone without having to suffer the effort needed to get to another location.  Others may travel a lot and may not be able to meet in person regularly, but have a need to commit to therapy in a different form.


Secure and confidential counselling is possible online and is a way for everyone to be able to receive the benefits it can bring, whilst being more convenient to a broader range of people.


Commitment is still needed, but the parameters for our meetings can be drawn up during our initial session, as they would for any other form of counselling.

To get in touch, please use the details below, or via the Contact page.  

Chris Matcham Counselling

Counsellor & Psychotherapist
 Cheltenham GL52 - Face-to-Face & Online
07375 814194

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